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October 21st, 22nd & 23rd

It's 50% Off Saturday at this Awesome sale in Ball Ground

374 Dogwood Pass

Ball Ground, GA, 30107

Elite Tool Chest For Boys

Old Town Saranac 146 XT Canoe

Club Cadet Riding Mower

Craftsman Garden Trailer

Hard wood


Portland 1750 Pressure Washer

Porter Cable Router



Jenkins Kiln

Potters Wheel

Table Saw

Miter Saw

Small Tools

8' Warner A-Frame Ladder

Wrought Iron Furniture

Face Jug Singed by Howell 1991

Hurrican Lamps

Antique Bottles

Wormie Chesnut armoire

Pottery Jugs

Pottery Vases

Antique Ball Jars with Zinc Tops

Beer Making Equipment

Round Kitchen Table


Milk Glass

Vintage Telephone

Art Objects

Cast Iron Irons

Cool Coffee Table

German Beer Mugs

Vintage Beer Signs

Christening Kit

Street Signs

Rock em Sock em Robots

Round Pub Table

Cintage Bakers Table with Flower Cabinets

Lether Chair

Vintage Beer Glasses

Hand Carved Chest Set

Pipe Smokers Table

Art Books

Vintage Thermos

Vintage Hand Light

Stamps and Stamp Books

Really Cool Books of Vintage French Photos

Camera Tri Pods

Retirement Flag

Roll Top Desk

Vintage Chest

Old Records

Blue Jeans


Antique Royal Typewriter

Much Much More......